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Fahrenheit 451 House

Inaugural Event

Casual start. Real Fun.

Members only.

Or nah.

We are honored to have both Black Lake and Brian Dewan perform at our inaugural event! Black Lake (Slink Moss and Susan Jennings) is a seductive noise rock duo with magical northern exposure projections. Very enchanting. I hope it snows. Brian Dewan is! Enough said. He's many things, but we hear that he will be playing the accordion and singing ballads, maybe ribald ones from the nineteenth century, since he knows it gets us giggling. So come celebrate with us! It is also our exact one year anniversary (but first event). And we've made so much progress! (ha!) But at least the place is three thousand pounds lighter of rubbish. And considerably less dusty. Also, we will be introducing our first selection of books. Free weird beer and fine sodas will be served.

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