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We love books. Maybe we loved them too much. First, we bought too many at used shops. Then, we made way too many by hand. Broke and broken, in a world of clutter, we went book kaput. Real change is possible. We are not stuck with who we are whether that's breaking habits or jumping genes. But books just seem to come back. The idea makes us both thrilled and nervous, more nervous. So consequently, we will be instituting an algorithmic system of how books enter, stay and leave our lives. Of course, there will be tricks, red tape and loop holes to extend our favorites stay as long as humanly possible. But for a quick taste of our systems, books will enter our lives by being found, bought, manufactured, wholesaled, consigned and plain old just showing up. Books will stay in our lives in one of three ways - the shop, the lending library and the reference library. Yes, all very ambitious, but not really. It's going to be slow going. Nowadays, book establishments have to be exceptional. And even then they close down, two great ones this past week. We're going to take it slower than that. The way books leave our lives is by being sold, stolen (always another reason), donated, given, recycled, but never burned. We'll track every book in our systems and based upon how it came in and how it's staying, it will be given a time frame in which to leave. After all, we are still recovering clutterheads!